North Korea has realized that negotiations with the United States lead to nothing

North Korea has realized that the US position towards North Korea does not change, no matter what administration comes to power, so now it will rely on the development of relations with other countries, such as Russia and China, said Kim Dong-Yop, a professor at the Institute of Far East Problems at Kyungnam University.

The 8th Party Congress is being held in North Korea, where the past five years’ results are summed up, and goals for the future are set. The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has been giving a speech for four days, in which he spoke about the country’s achievements and plans for future development, including defense and foreign relations.

Kim Jong-un said that he would develop relations with Russia and China. In terms of relations with South Korea and the United States, everything depends on these countries’ behavior. As for the United States, the North Korean leader in the report called their hostile policy the main obstacle and “enemy” on North Korea’s development path. The key to continuing the dialogue is the US rejection of this policy. But Kim Jong-Un expressed confidence that regardless of who holds leadership positions in Washington, the essence of their attitude to the DPRK “does not change.”

“No matter who runs the United States, its essence and the essence of its policy towards the DPRK does not change,” this sentence in Kim Jong-un’s report explains everything. North Korea has realized that neither Biden nor anyone else will be able to accomplish what even Trump failed to do,” the expert said.

In his opinion, the words repeated in Kim Jong-Un’s report that the DPRK will continue to strengthen “cohesion and friendship with all countries in the world that respect its sovereignty” are important.

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