Nord Stream 2 starts completing the pipe

The Russian ship “Akademik Chersky” went to the area of construction of the gas pipeline. And in a draft defense budget of the United States introduced sanctions against the “Nord stream-2.” Why does Washington not leave alone a pipe that is 7,000 kilometers away from it?

When there are not enough arguments. When there are no sane market ways to weaken the competitor’s position. When even through the relevant Department does not carry out sanctions against the European energy project. The draft defense budget of the United States has a requirement to expand sanctions against the construction of the “Nord stream-2.” The document was approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives. Both chambers have previously proposed increasing these measures. But there was no consensus. Now it is proposed to replicate sanctions on companies that promote the sale, lease, or provision of pipe-laying vessels for the construction of the gas pipeline.

Now the question is the reaction of the European business community. It is not profitable for them to stop constructing “Nord stream-2” because they will not harm themselves, experts say. It is, after all, true – why scale losses and lost profits! When it is possible to work, accept Russian gas and deliver it to domestic German consumers, and at the same time resell it to European consumers. This is also the economic meaning of the project for the European shareholders of Nord Stream AG 2.

At the same time, there is no doubt that Joe Biden’s team will continue to influence the owners, subcontractors, contractors of the project, and those who will continue to transport and buy gas when the pipe is commissioned and launched. After all, this is a pipeline system, in fact, of national American significance. No, planetary! Since American politicians pay so much attention to it. And as if even the pandemic in the United States, and what to do with it at all, is not so important.

Or maybe it was necessary to initially take the American oil and gas industry in a joint-stock share at the discussion stage? Well, so that this, like now, was not. It’s all jealousy: jealousy and envy, no less.

Meanwhile, the Russian pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky, which is involved in constructing the gas pipeline, headed to the area where the pipeline was laid, according to the vessel tracker system.

The vessel will resume pipe-laying operations in the next few hours: permission has been received from the German authorities. Work in German waters has been agreed for the whole of December and may continue in January-April 2021. It remains to lay 160 kilometers of pipes.

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