“Nord stream-2” promised to finish in a few months

Nord Stream-2” responded to reports about the one-month deadline for the completion of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline: Bild posted such information, in particular. The construction operator refused to speculate on the timing of completion.

“Without comments. We do not intend to speculate on this topic,” -said the press service of “Nord Stream-2.” Free News quoted the operator’s message.

The press service added that the project would be completed within “a few months.” Thus, the operator did not confirm the sensational statement of German journalists.

Bild explained where this one-month deadline for the project came from. If the pipeline is launched within 30 days, Germany will allegedly be able to avoid us sanctions.

The US Foreign Ministry said earlier that it was able to influence the speed of the pipeline. David Hale, the US under Secretary of state for political Affairs, boasted of this. He said that his government had managed to slow down the implementation of the “Nord stream-2” project. This was done through diplomatic means.

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Author: Flyn Braun
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