“Nord stream-2” has become a thorn in the side of the US authorities

Washington was advised to solve economic problems together.

Against the background of the crisis with the oil market and the coronavirus epidemic, the fight against the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline does not seem to be a priority for the US, and it is time for the US authorities to pull out this “thorn.” This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the Energy Committee of the state Duma, Pavel Zavalny.

According to him, from a purely economic point of view, it is not relevant for Washington to block the laying of the Russian pipe, because now the States have a lot of other concerns to cope with. He called for joint efforts to overcome the existing difficulties.

“To deal with this thorn for them – I don’t know if it even makes political sense, not just economic? I think it would be right if America refused these ineffective, incorrect sanctions,” the MP said.

Earlier, it became known that the only domestic pipelayer capable of completing the gas pipeline was seen in the area of the Atlantic coast of Portugal. The Akademik Chersky is heading in the direction of the Suez Canal. A number of experts believe that the ship is purposefully heading towards the Baltic Sea, although it has not yet announced its final destination.

According to analysts, this is done deliberately so as not to bring sanctions on the ship from Washington.

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