“Nord stream-2” allowed to complete

Construction of “Nord stream-2” can be resumed on August 3, after the deadline for appealing the new Danish permit expires, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) told reporters.

“A possible appeal filed with the Danish energy appeals Board will not have an immediate suspensive effect unless the Board decides otherwise,” the regulator said.

In early July, the DEA amended the permit for Nord Stream 2 AG to build a gas pipeline in Danish waters. In particular, the company allowed using not only vessels with dynamic positioning, but also with anchor positioning. As the Agency explained, the route of the gas pipeline, which is to be completed, passes outside the risk zone of contact with chemical weapons buried at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. However, work cannot be resumed until the time limit for appealing this permit expires.

One of the possible options for completing “Nord stream-2” involves the use of an anchor pipe layer accompanied by another vessel – with a dynamic positioning system that can hold the vessel at the desired point without anchors and mooring. In this case, Fortuna, which belongs to MRTS, can play the role of anchor pipe layer, and Akademik Chersky, which is also located in Mukran, is equipped with a dynamic positioning system.