Nord Stream – 2 AG explained the court’s decision on the lawsuit against the gas Directive

The EU court did not consider the claim of the operator of “Nord stream-2” on the merits, the decision concerns procedural issues and can be appealed within two months, Nord Stream 2 AG told reporters.

“It is important to note that the decision concerns only procedural issues about the admissibility of the claim in court. The court did not reject our claim on the merits, in particular, the argument that the amendments to the Gas Directive constitute illegal discrimination against the “Nord stream-2″ project. Therefore, we insist on our requirements. We are currently analyzing the solution. Nord Stream 2 can file an appeal within two months,” Nord Stream 2 AG reported.

The court of General jurisdiction of the European Union on Wednesday rejected a claim by Nord Stream 2 AG against specific provisions of European law regarding gas pipelines from third countries.

The updated Gas Directive has brought under its rules not only land-based but also offshore sections of gas pipelines in the EU. The new rules assume, in particular, that new and existing gas pipelines from third countries to the EU in the territorial seas of the Union States must comply with such rules as, for example, the division of activities related to the production and transportation of gas, access by third parties to pumping gas through the pipe.