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Noah Centineo is dating Kylie Jenner’s girlfriend Stacy Karanikolaou

Noah Centineo instantly became one of the most popular young actors thanks to his roles in romantic comedies on the streaming service Netflix. It is not surprising that the personal life of Centineo is closely monitored by tabloids and paparazzi, from whom the actor was unable to “hide” his new girlfriend.

Centineo’s chosen one was Stacey Caranicolaou, a 23-year-old model most known as Kylie Jenner’s girlfriend. It is worth noting that Noah is not particularly hiding his new relationship – together with Stacy, he “lit up” on the way to the Halloween party. Apparently, the couple’s relationship is pretty serious. Noah and Stacy even chose paired suits for the holiday. The model dressed up as a Chucky doll from the cult horror series, while Centineo chose the bloody costume of a sinister doll victim.

Halloween Party is the second time that lovers are caught together. Before they were noticed at a private party by Kylie Jenner. Insiders of the E! News reported that Noah and Stacy were seen kissing. Karanikolau posted several photos from that evening on her Instagram but chose to carefully select her selfies so that they did not feature her famous new boyfriend.

Before Stacy, Centineo met with Alexis Ren, but in April of this year the couple broke up and, it seems, not on the most friendly notes. The actor and model unsubscribed from each other on Instagram and “cleaned up” the accounts, deleting all joint photos.

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