“No wall.” Democrats approved the financing of the US government, despite the threat of the White House veto

The House of Representatives of the US Congress gathered for the first meeting, which elected speaker Nancy Pelosi and approved two bills to unblock the work of the US government.

The package of bills approved by the Democrats presupposes the resumption of the work of the government at least until September 30 (the end of the fiscal year) and the preservation of the budget for protection the border within the current framework (that is without additional funds for the wall).
The White House has already announced that it is ready to veto the bills adopted by the House of Representatives. Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell also said that these documents will not support there.

"The walls will not be. It's not about politics. The fact is that the wall between the two countries is immoral. This is return to the old order. This is inefficient, " Pelosi said

Author: Flyn Braun
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