No signs of alien life found on comet 2I / Borisov

Scientists from the SETI Institute in the United States could not find signs of alien life on Comet 2I/Borisov. To do this, they conducted a thorough scan of artificial radiation.

First of all, scientists scanned the object in order to track whether the celestial body emits any signals associated with artificial technologies. After a month of research, they said they didn’t find anything.

“We don’t know if interstellar travel is possible, we don’t know if there are other civilizations. But assuming that they exist, they should use technology and other objects that will create radiation, ”said Steve Croft, SETI’s astronomer-researcher.

The project previously scanned other objects, such as 1I / Oumuamua, the first discovered interstellar object flying through the solar system. However, in this case, the researchers could not detect the signals.

However, scientists added that the results of SETI does not guarantee that 2I / Borisov is of natural origin. Researchers suggest that other civilizations may transmit an unknown type of signal.

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