Niue Island became the first country in the dark sky. At night there does not include lighting

Niue Island became the first dark-sky state in the world – the country officially stopped lighting the streets at night as part of the fight against unnatural light pollution. This was written by Science Alert with reference to a statement by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA).

Niue Island is a small state in the South Pacific with a population of 1.6 thousand people. The country became the first state to be included in the list of International Dark Sky Places – places whose leadership deliberately refused artificial lighting. In addition to Niue, the list includes another 130 objects – small cities, reserves and large parks.

Night street lighting can not only affect birds and animals, but also human health, studies of light pollution say. In addition, scientists estimate that about a third of the Earth’s population cannot see stars due to the unnatural lighting level in the cities in which they live.

Some European cities also adhere to the concept of reducing light pollution. For example, the Berlin authorities intentionally install low-power lamps in streetlights of secondary streets.

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