Nintendo smart station will monitor the health of the user through the game

Nintendo has patented a smart station that will monitor your health. The system will include a mobile device, a fixed base, and a whole set of sensors that will allow monitoring of the user’s vital signs. This is written by Slash Gear.

Despite the fact that Nintendo is mainly engaged in games and entertainment services, the company decided to take a step towards global trends. Namely, to create a smart system that resembles popular stations – “Alice” or Echo.

Both the stationary and the mobile device will be equipped with various sensors to track the status and status of the user. While the mobile terminal, which looks like a regular phone, can take steps and movements, the base terminal collects data on breathing and heart rate, and also has a projector that displays not only user statistics, but also tells you when to sleep, walk around and even wake up.

Nintendo smart station

Nintendo brought an element of the game to health care so that gamification would distract the user from the routine of daily “tracking” himself. Therefore, the desire for a healthy lifestyle will turn into a quest where you need to not only score points for the completed task on time, but also solve math problems, puzzles, and quizzes.

Japanese Nintendo said the new patent could become part of the new Nintendo Quality of Life brand. For a game company, this will be a new milestone – in fact, a new product will be released, independent of the main consoles or games.