Nicole Scherzinger with her lover Tom Evans on holidays in Hawaii

Nicole Scherzinger and Tom Evans’ romance has been going on for over a year. The singer admits that the appearance of a lover in her life completely changed her world.

But it took the rugby player almost six years to win Nicole’s heart. But now the couple is going to purchase joint housing. They have long introduced each other to their families and, according to rumours, are even thinking about heirs.

In the meantime, the lovers enjoy each other’s company and travel. They recently went to the Hawaiian Islands, and now Nicole shares with fans on the social network colourful pictures from the picturesque coast of the Pacific Ocean. The stars visited the Waimano waterfall, under the jets of which the singer meditated, and then they, together with the athlete, swam under the falling water.

In Hawaii, they also celebrated the birthday of Tom, who turned 36 on April 2. Nicole posted a photo of them together from the beach on her personal blog, where they had a small festive feast. In the picture, lovers pose, sitting on the sand against the backdrop of a blue ocean and an azure sky with a multi-coloured rainbow that bent right over the star couple.

“Just caught the end of this beautiful rainbow! Even she showed up to celebrate your birthday, dear! I love you!” – the singer signed the photo with a tender confession.

Recall that Scherzinger and Evans first met at the Global Gift Gala 2014 in London. But then Nicole was going through a break with Lewis Hamilton and ignored Tom. However, he unrequitedly continued to admire her on social networks, and only in 2019, during the filming of the X-Factor show, the artist became interested in her fan.

The former athlete came to the project as a participant, and the singer was present in the show as a judge. And a few months after the completion of the project, they publicly announced their romance.

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