Nicole Kidman will ban children from using Instagram

Nicole Kidman, 53, is worried about the impact social media has on children and adolescents, so her youngest daughters, 9-year-old Faith, and 12-year-old Sunday, are not allowed to start Instagram.

In an interview with Loose Women, Nicole said:

I myself am not very good at new technologies. It’s hard to follow this and stay tuned. I won’t let my kids have Instagram. Although my 12-year-old is drawn there. I think many parents will understand. I believe that the main thing is to maintain children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Guide them, but do not abuse power. Allow them to make mistakes, fall, and still not interfere with their pain. There are a lot of important points [in education]. But above all it is joy. It’s such a pleasure to watch these little women grow. Every day I discover something new in them for myself. And I love it.

Since 2006 Nicole Kidman has been married to a country musician and singer Keith Urban. Faith and Sunday are their common daughters, besides them, Nicole also has two adult children from Tom Cruise – Isabella and Connor.

Earlier in an interview, Kidman noted that during the quarantine she devoted herself to motherhood:

I have completely devoted myself to mothering, this is a wonderful thing. It gives me a lot. But you yourself also have to give a lot. I have two daughters, and this is a special form of motherhood. You have to be with them 24/7. Because now we are also homeschooled. Children stay at home, but you have to teach them. And face all their emotions.

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