Nicole Kidman told how she ‘hit’ Meryl Streep on the set

Nicole Kidman became a guest of the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, where during the conversation she spoke about an incident on the set that happened between her and Meryl Streep.

The actresses starred in the TV series “Big Little Lies”, where Streep played Kidman’s mother-in-law. In one scene, Nicole needed to slap Meryl. She wanted it to look believable, but she miscalculated a little and almost hit a colleague, knocking her glasses off her face.

“We’ve had many attempts at this scene. We were very immersed in our characters. When filming the slap scene, we had to do it several times. And I accidentally hit Meryl, so her glasses went off. If I remember correctly, this is the take that went into the series. But I didn’t hit her. In this regard, I am already quite experienced ”, – said Nicole.

In Fallon’s show, Kidman took part in a blitz survey and admitted that she was born in Hawaii, loves opera and prefers autumn to summer.

Earlier, Melissa McCarthy, Kidman’s co-star on Nine Perfect Strangers, spoke about the impression Nicole makes on set.

“There is something regal about her. You expect her to say importantly: “Hello. I’m Nicole Kidman. ” And when you get to know her better, you think: “How wonderful she is!“ She is a wonderful freak, ” Melissa said.

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