Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in the Undoing Limited Series trailer

The official trailer for the HBO Undoing series has been released. The channel’s description of the series reads:

This is the story of Grace (Nicole Kidman) and Jonathan (Hugh Grant) Fraser, a hugely successful couple from New York, whose lives were turned upside down after a violent death and a series of gruesome revelations.

Hugh Grant, whose character is a pediatric oncologist, talks about working on the role:

One of the things I kept coming back to was bedside behavior. Such a fluid, elegant, soothing, and relaxed approach of the doctor to the patient is too good to be true. Portraying yourself as a savior. I always found it unpleasant. And I used that a lot on the show. It seems to me that my hero is always like that, he has an incredible ability to portray calmness and authority.

Nicole Kidman says:

Despite the fact that this is a classic thriller with all the exciting events inherent in the genre, the series also raises difficult questions. Specifically, decisions about what you want to see and what you want to believe.

The director and producer of the series, Suzanne Beer, describes the project as follows:

The heroes are not entirely sure who to trust. Just like in real life. After all, how well do we know anyone? How well do we know the people we consider our loved ones? The truth is, we will never really get to know anyone.

The series will premiere on HBO on October 25 this year.

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