Neymar throws a 5-day party for 500 people in Brazil amid coronavirus pandemic

PSG striker Neymar organized a massive party in Brazil that angered many in the country. Reported by O Globo journalist Anchelmo Gois.

The 28-year-old footballer invited 500 people to the event. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the party started on December 26 in the municipality of Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro, in the house of Neymar and will last 5 days.

The forward took care of soundproofing the house so as not to disturb the neighbours these days. The party’s format is an underground disco, similar to those held on the Barceloneta beach, where Neymar himself was, playing for Barcelona. The event will feature a dance floor, bars, a DJ stage, a games room and a video game room.

Guests are not allowed to use mobile phones to avoid information about the party in the media. Also, Neymar rented a house next door for about 5,000 euros and a music group that will be performing all these days at the event.

The guest list is unknown, but Neymar’s sister Rafaella Santos will definitely be present at the party. It is worth noting that this act of Neymar angered many in Brazil, which is experiencing a pandemic and the third wave of coronavirus.

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