New Yorkers continue to wear masks despite Biden’s statement

Various organizations in the city are also in no hurry to follow the recommendations of the US President.

Most New Yorkers continue to wear masks, despite the statement of US President Joe Biden that it is now possible to be outside without them, and fully vaccinated Americans can remove them even indoors.

In the United States, during the pandemic, there was a very strict mask regime. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that you always wear a mask, not only indoors, but also outdoors, no matter how many people are around. The attitude towards these councils was divided along party lines. The recommendations were followed especially carefully by Democrats, and Republicans were critical of them.

“These Biden socialists will wear a mask even on the beach when there is not a single living soul within 100 steps,” one New Yorker who supports Trump and asked not to be named told.

Democrats responded by saying that the careless attitude to the recommendations of doctors led to the spread of the infection and now it is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of doctors to defeat the disease. But now, even after the president’s words, the traditionally democratic New York City is in no hurry to remove its masks.

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