New York Times named persons involved in the investigation of pardons in the United States

The New York Times has named two people involved in the investigation that the US Justice Department conducts into possible corruption around the presidential pardon.

According to documents declassified on Tuesday, the corruption scheme likely involved “a substantial political contribution in exchange for a presidential pardon or reprieve.” All names mentioned in the investigation during declassification were hidden.

According to the newspaper, in the summer, the Justice Department investigated the possible role in this scheme of Abbe Lowell – lawyer of the son–in–law of the US President Jared Kushner and Eliott Broidy – a prominent fundraiser for the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump.

Investigators were interested in the case of California psychologist Hugh Baras, who was sentenced to 30 months for tax evasion. The billionaire Sanford Diller, who allegedly contacted Lowell and Broidy about it, was interested in his pardon.

It is assumed that the scheme’s essence was that in exchange for a pardon, the billionaire could make a “significant political contribution” to the benefit of a person who is not named.

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