New York State to provide financial assistance to illegal migrants in connection with the pandemic

Payments from the state budget will be able to receive about 290 thousand people who were out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

People living in New York State without a certain immigration status who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic will receive one-time payments of up to $ 15,000 from the state budget. The benefits will be paid from a multibillion-dollar relief fund that progressive Democrats sitting in the New York State Congress have insisted on creating.

Such payments, which are currently the largest of their kind in the United States, will benefit tens of thousands of people who arrived in the United States illegally and lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Illegal migrants are not eligible for unemployment benefits or a one-time lump sum payment from the federal government.

On Wednesday, the state Congress approved the creation of a $ 2.1 billion relief fund for “excluded workers” as part of the state budget for the fiscal year 2022, which included a total of $ 212 billion.

The Fiscal Policy Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports the initiative, says that more than 90,000 migrants living in New York State will receive one-time benefits of up to $ 15,600. About 200,000 more will receive more than $ 3,000.

Last year, California authorities allocated $ 75 million to pay a one-time benefit of $ 500 to illegal migrants.

The New York foundation initiators were progressive Democrats supported by various public organizations that assist migrants.

“This is what economic justice looks like,” tweeted Carmen de la Rosa, a member of the New York State Assembly who supported the foundation’s creation.

Republicans oppose the initiative.

“For the life of me, I will never understand why Democrats put the rights of citizens of other countries above the rights of American citizens who elected them, and why taxpayers continue to vote for (these lawmakers) after their constant abuse,” said Republican Nicole Malliotakis, who represents the state of New York in the lower house of the US Congress.

Some Democrats elected in districts where Republicans could win next year’s election also opposed the foundation, the New York Times reported.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who generally agrees with the budget’s spending lines, the creation of the fund could pose a potential “fraud.”

New York lawmakers also approved an income tax increase for state residents earning more than $ 1 million a year, making New York’s top tax rate one of the highest in the country.

Business representatives warn that the tax increase could lead to an accelerated flight of wealthy residents of the state, many of whom have already left New York during the pandemic.

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