New York officially allowed weddings in Zoom and Skype

In New York, allowed weddings in Zoom and Skype. At the same time, the ceremony should be held live, pre-recorded videos will not allow you to register a marriage.

Starting April 19th, New Yorkers can officially marry through a video conference. This was announced by mayor Andrew Cuomo. “We have signed a decree that will allow all residents of the city to obtain marriage licenses remotely, and workers in this field can conduct marriage ceremonies using video technology,” said Melissa Derosa, assistant to the mayor.

Officials recommended using the Zoom app. “Life cannot stop completely, and we have no excuses when it comes to marriage. Now you can do it with Zoom, ”they added.

However, they developed several rules for digital marriage. For example, “a videoconference should allow spouses to communicate directly with a city or city clerk, a witness, or a person performing a marriage ceremony.” That is, during a wedding, you cannot use a pre-recorded video.

The popularity of Zoom has risen sharply due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Sensor Tower, the number of downloads of Zoom has increased by 109%. According to App Annie, Zoom cloud meetings rank first among business applications in the US in daily downloads on the iPhone. Two weeks before the pandemic, they were in 87th place.

As Motherboard found out, Zoom has many vulnerabilities. Immediately after launch, the iOS version of Zoom connects to the Graph API, a tool developers use to share data with Facebook. The application transmits data about the accounting model, device, time zone, mobile operator and other data. However, the application cannot be completely uninstalled – it will retain partial access to the device.

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