New York Mafia boss dies

The Gambino mafia clan leader, Peter Arthur Gotti, has died in federal prison in the US state of North Carolina. The gangster was 81 years old, reports the Associated Press.

Peter was the older brother of the famous gangster John Gotti, who led the New York mafia until 2002. After John’s death, Peter became the mafia boss, despite being reputed to be inept and had the nickname The Dumbest Don. Former mobsters claim that Peter did not become the godfather of his own free will and did not cope well with the leader’s role. He was considered too kind for the head of a crime family.

One of the most famous US gangsters, Peter, convicted in 2003, spent 17 years behind bars. He still had eight years to go before his release. He died on February 26 in the Federal Medical Centre ward in the city of Batner, where he was receiving treatment. According to doctors, the Mafiosi died of natural causes due to old age and poor health.

The Gambino clan was formed in 1902. He is one of the five largest and most influential clans of the Italian-American mafia “Five Families”, which control organized crime in New York. The zones of influence are delimited at a meeting of a special council – a commission. Gangsters engage in, among other things, racketeering, extortion, usury, car thefts, robberies and contract killings.

Earlier it was reported that one of the most famous gangsters, a member of the Colombo crime family, John Franzese Sr., also known as Sonny, has died in the United States. Franzese died on February 24 in a hospital in New York. He was 103 years old.

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