New technology destroys viral particles on tissues: it is tested on jeans

The Swiss textile company HeiQ has developed Viroblock technology: it can destroy viral particles on the surface of the fabric. They want to try it on jeans.

Development began back in 2013 but has become a big issue this spring due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally intended to be used for medical masks and other fabric protectors, HeiQ has now teamed up with Artistic Denim Mills to create antiviral denim.

The new development is called Viroblock – a thin film that covers tissue and gives it the ability to destroy viral particles. On it, viruses cannot live and multiply, but on the surface of the tissue at room temperature, they can remain able to penetrate into organisms for two days. Viroblock will break them down within 30 minutes. The fabric covered with Viroblock can be washed in the delicate wash cycle, the technology can withstand up to 30 cycles without losing effectiveness.

The company said the new development would also help against SARS-CoV-2 particles.