New technology can track a phone with an accuracy of one meter

OPPO has announced new technology that will significantly improve navigation tracking capabilities. The new algorithm can find the phone with an accuracy of one meter.

Called RTK, the technology, according to company representatives, can detect a smartphone with an accuracy of one meter. Note that previously, such accuracy could only be achieved with the help of expensive equipment. Also, the developers promise, the new technology is able to reduce signal interference.

Oppo added that the first mobile devices with RTK will hit the market as early as next year.

OPPO is working closely with China Mobile to implement this technology. The company, in turn, is working to deploy a ground-based system and 5G towers. To achieve high accuracy, the algorithm uses information from GPS, mobile network, and sensors in the smartphone, such as a gyroscope.

Also, the alliance will further promote high-precision positioning technologies in many industries and achieve convenient positioning for a wider range of ordinary consumers.

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