New technology allows famous paintings to be reproduced using light

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NSIT) have unveiled a technology with which they were able to reproduce paintings using light. This is how they designed the masterpiece of the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

Using nanopolarizers to capture, emit, and change polarization of varying intensities, the researchers have shown a new way to control light. The researchers fabricated elliptical titanium dioxide on a long and short axis glass slide. They designed the nano-pillars in such a way that they could control the polarization of the incoming light.

The new technology will be used to improve optical communication and to improve counterfeit banknotes. With it, scientists can control the amount of information that an optical fiber can carry by adding a specific wavelength of light to light. In addition, scientists can maintain its brightness as it travels long distances, varying in intensity.

The filter prevents light from the original polarization from passing through and reduces the intensity of polarized reflections. This area will be projected as a dark spot, however, in some places, the nanopolarizer changes the polarization of the white light – it controls both color and brightness.

Researchers have demonstrated a miniature digital copy of “Girl with a Pearl Earring” about 1 millimeter long. They used digital information, it has red, two shades of green, and two shades of blue.

After examining a miniature version of the painting, the researchers saw that they were able to reproduce Vermeer’s masterpiece, including the texture of oil paint on canvas. The new technology can be adapted to transmit specific colors of light of various intensities for use in optical communications or for applying security words to paper money.

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