New system disinfects buses in 150 seconds

In China, technology has been created that allows you to disinfect the bus’s interior while it is at the final stop. The whole procedure takes less than three minutes.

Guangzhou Public Transport Group Tram Co., Ltd. established the country’s first “Spray Disinfection System for Public Transport to Prevent Epidemics” (公交 防疫 雾化 消毒 系统). It sterilizes the bus in less than a minute; you only need to press one button to activate it. After starting the system, the disinfectant spray covers the entire vehicle in 30 seconds. It takes only 2 minutes to destroy viruses and bacteria on surfaces.

The driver himself can activate the system. The developers aimed to make the system as easy to use as possible for immediate implementation. The goal is to combat the spread of a new type of coronavirus, in particular, in public transport. As you know, passenger traffic in China is one of the largest in the world.

The new technology has already been tested in Guangzhou. Recall that Guangzhou is a huge port city northwest of Hong Kong.

The system was installed for a test on 41 vehicles. Infections tested the efficiency of rapid disinfector. Experts took samples from surfaces on buses and sent them to the laboratory. The study used a luminometer. The principle of operation of the luminometer is based on the reaction of bioluminescence – glow. The reaction occurs when adenosine triphosphate (ATP) interacts with enzymes – luciferin or luciferase. ATP is a part of all living cells, including bacterial ones. The device’s sensor picks up photons of the generated light and evaluates them in relative light units – RLU. The RLU indicator indicates the degree of biological contamination of the research object. The higher the indicator, the more the pollution.

In disinfected buses, the RLU indicator fell on average from 23 to 2 units.

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