New sanctions against the “Nord stream” is included in the draft defense budget of the United States

The US Congress has agreed on new sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2.” They are included in the draft defense budget for 2021. The document proposes introducing restrictions against companies that install welding equipment on ships involved in laying pipes or participating in their modernization. Also, sanctions are being extended to companies that provide insurance and certification services to project participants.

The US defense budget is mandatory for adoption, so it often includes provisions that are not directly related to the military’s financing.

During the discussion of the document, congressmen ruled out the adoption of sanctions against Germany’s government, where the gas pipeline is being laid, and other EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, and the United Kingdom, because of the “Nord stream-2.” Also, the document allows the US President to waive sanctions based on national interests partially.

On November 28, the German state administration for waterways and shipping in Stralsund announced that work on the gas pipeline construction could resume. Construction is planned to be carried out using the vessel, the name of which is not disclosed. The Russian pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky is located near German waters, according to data from the MarineTraffic website.

The United States considers the Nord stream project to be a political one, designed to increase Ukraine’s pressure, through which Russia exports gas and Europe’s dependence on Russian gas now. Several EU countries share the same opinion. The German authorities are still in favor of completing the gas pipeline. The Russian authorities claim that the project is exclusively economic.

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