New robustness guides the user and warns of danger

Scientists have made improved robustness with an on-board computer: it chooses the best route and guides the user.

The developers have made a new robotics with a color 3D camera, an inertial measurement sensor and an on-board computer: it calculates the optimal route in the room.

The device can accurately guide the user to the desired location using sensory and auditory signals, and helps to avoid obstacles such as boxes, furniture and ledges.

The authors of the new work note that today there are a large number of different developments for visually impaired people, but some are not ready to give up their cane, despite the fact that this is a very old and no longer relevant tool.

Also today there are applications based on mobile phones, which, while walking, suggest where the pedestrian zone is. But when a person enters an unfamiliar building, no amount of navigation will help.

The authors of the new work have equipped their cane with a color depth camera, which is similar to the front camera of a mobile phone. The system can now determine the distance between the cane and other physical objects, such as between floors, doorways, and walls.

Based on this information and data from an inertial sensor, the on-board computer can correlate the user’s exact location with the floor plan, as well as alert the user to obstacles along the way.

Also, the rotating tip of the robotic cane helps the user to accurately rotate the desired number of degrees.

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