New robot sifts sand to collect small pieces of debris

BeBot is being tested on Florida beaches. It is assumed that it will clean the coasts of small plastic particles without disturbing ecosystems. The technology developer is Poralu Marine, an international company of French origin. They decided to test the robot in the American company 4ocean, which is engaged in cleaning the ocean from debris.

BeBot was created by experts from marine infrastructure company Poralu Marine and 4ocean as a way to clean the coastline while minimizing disruption to these valuable ecosystems. While hand sifters can certainly collect a significant amount of debris, it is a laborious job. On the other hand, tractors and other heavy equipment can cover a large area, but destroy fauna and flora, as well as cause erosion of the landscape.

BeBot is designed for a more tactful approach. The electric robot works on a combination of solar energy and battery and is remotely controlled by a human operator at a distance of up to 300 m.It digs up sand to a depth of 10 cm and mechanically sifts its particles through a mesh to collect pieces of plastic and other debris up to a square centimeter in size, such as cigarette butts , food wrappers and bottle caps.

The robot appears to be able to clean up to 3,000 m² of beach area per hour, give or take depending on topography. It also features a flexible track system that allows it to pivot in place and work in tight spaces. The creators of the robot believe that it will find application in everything from hotels to beaches, nature reserves and even golf courses.

4ocean is currently testing BeBot on Florida beaches and plans to send robots to Hawaii in the near future.

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