New robot dolphin has been created to replace animals in captivity

A new robot dolphin has been created – it is very similar to those that jump through hoops and perform acrobatic stunts in theme parks. It was created so that it could one day replace animals that are kept in captivity, according to Reuters.

American engineering company Edge Innovations, with its animatronics and special effects division in California, has developed a dolphin robot. Its cost ranges from $ 3 to $ 5 million.

The developers hope that the lifelike animatronics used in Hollywood movies will one day be able to entertain the crowds in theme parks instead of captive wildlife.

“There are currently about 3,000 dolphins in captivity, which are being used to generate billions of dollars in benefits, clearly these animals are of great interest to humans,” said Walt Conti, founder and CEO of Edge Innovations. “And so we want to use that curiosity and suggest different ways to learn more about dolphins.”

According to Conti, animatronics can bring back audiences who refuse to visit theme parks using captive animals. At the moment, about 20 European countries have already banned or restricted the presence of wild animals in circuses.