New porous material helps improve green cars

New porous material will help improve green cars. It will allow you to safely store large quantities of fuel, making the tanks light and roomy.

Scientists from the University of Northwestern in the United States are confident that the material will help develop a new generation of cars with a hydrogen engine. Its device is compared with a sponge – the product is able to hold and release a large amount of gas at low pressure.

It consists of a billion tiny pores, one gram of a new aluminum-based material can store the same amount of substance that fits in a space the size of a football field. According to the authors, its effectiveness can be increased, in addition, the material does not require expensive tanks.

“We have created a new hydrogen and methane storage method for the next generation of green cars. We can store huge amounts of these gases inside the pores of metal-organic carcasses and deliver them to the car engine at much lower pressure, which is now required for the fuel cells of such machines, ”the researchers noted.

According to them, the main problem of “green” cars is that scientists can not yet come up with a fuel storage system that will be both safe and efficient. But so far they have not managed to create a technological solution based on porous materials – such tanks were not roomy, light and safe.

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