New platform Wenew will sell NFT tokens with celebrity moments

So far, the NFT technology of “certification” of the uniqueness of content has not yet received universal recognition, but many have already begun to make real, very big money on it. Artist Beeple, who recently sold his “tokenized” creation for $ 69 million, has opened an online marketplace for NFT commodities.

Having failed to sell his “certified” creation in March, Beeple, and in real life Mike Winkelmann, decided to make some more money by creating a site Wenew to sell “iconic” moments of the life of celebrities. The editor-in-chief of the platform is Ryan Schreiber, founder of the popular music site Pitchfork, who will help to properly “design” the virtual goods that will be sold on the platform.

Wenew aims to immortalize moments in the lives of athletes, musicians, artists and other creative people. In particular, his catalog already contains tokens that mark the ascent of tennis player Andy Murray to his victory in the Wimbledon tournament in 2013. You can literally purchase his emotional speech, some of Murray’s best shots, his victory speech. More precisely, the buyer will be able to purchase a “unique” file with this or that content.

Tokens will cost from $ 49 to $ 4,999, with more expensive options coming with real items – an autographed poster, tickets for Wimbledon 2022, a replica of a cup, or a tokenized display enclosed in a case. Most valuable is the decisive moment in the winning game – it will be sold along with the possibility of a 30-minute tennis match with Murray.

At the very least, Wenew is trying to offer something beyond the ability to boast of a “unique” version of the file. The format is similar to that offered by the NBA-owned platform Top Shot, except that the latter does not promise any tangible additions. However, this site has already sold $ 500 million worth of content in its first six months of its existence.

Wenew has the advantage that the site intends to tokenize the moments in the lives of not only athletes, but also any famous personalities. Schreiber’s task will be to create engaging character stories that help the buyer determine which moment token is worth purchasing. The sales will be accompanied by texts written by professional journalists about why this or that moment is significant.

It is not yet known how many musicians Schreiber will be able to attract to cooperation. Some said they did not want to be put on them like on racehorses. In addition, blockchain-based NFTs are criticized by many creative people for their negative impact on the environment due to their high energy consumption.

In turn, Schreiber believes that technology will redefine the relationship between creators and beneficiaries, potentially allowing them to get what they deserve for their work. In addition, it is reported that the cost of virtual goods includes “carbon offset”, which will be spent on environmental restoration.

Wenew is already up and running, and the first NFT sales will begin on July 2.

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