New photos from the filming of “Avatar 2” show characters at war

Avatar producer John Landau continues to delight fans of the franchise by posting photos from the set on Instagram. The other day he shared another portion. One of the photographs shows that Avatar 2 will be shot again. The caption reads:

Second director Garrett Warren, second director of photography Richard Block and a team from New Zealand shot great footage. Keep it up.

Director James Cameron recently revealed that Avatar 2’s game scenes are completely finished and Avatar 3 is 90% complete. According to the director, they were very fortunate that New Zealand was chosen for filming, the country whose government was the best in coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Although time was wasted due to the pandemic, the Avatar film crew was one of the first to resume filming. Some other projects only returned to filming in August or even September.

The plot of “Avatar 2” was not disclosed. It is known that several years have passed since the first part, Jake and Neytiri had a daughter. The whole family will leave their home and go on a trip to Pandora.

The premiere of the film has been postponed from December 17, 2021 to December 16, 2022. The release of the rest of Avatar is also delayed by a year.