New photo of George and Amal Clooney’s son to be posted

Paparazzi managed to catch the 59-year-old George Clooney with his son, three-year-old Alexander. In the photographs, the star father walks through the streets of Los Angeles. As it became known, the actor decided to leave self-isolation to take the baby to an ophthalmologist. His wife Amal, along with her daughter Ella, remained at home.

From the beginning of quarantine, the family self-isolated in their mansion and strictly abided by all the rules. According to rumors, joint quarantine did not affect the couple’s relationship in the best way. Some media even reported that the couple was sleeping in different rooms. According to an insider, the actor happily takes care of the twins, but at home, he feels as if under house arrest, because Amal is exclusively busy with work around the clock.

Recently, they often do not sleep in the same room because of their many disagreements. He cannot understand why such a beautiful and smart woman, like Amal, is jealous, – said the source.

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