New pen lets you draw in 3D using metal and wood

The new pen allows you to draw in 3D using metal and wood. The researchers note that the device is now available not only for professionals, but also for amateurs.

3Doodler’s 3D printing pens are designed for students and professionals – from artists to engineers. The dual drive system allows 3D printing not only from conventional plastic, but also from bronze, copper, nylon and wood. Engineers note that this pen can be used for architecture, design, or even renovation planning.

The device includes high-precision speed and temperature settings, which can be adjusted thanks to the display on the handle itself. The magnetic bottom allows easy access to internal components. The researchers note that this version of the pen will last longer and can be used to create more complex shapes, although the company has yet to publish the quantitative metrics they were able to achieve with the new device.

The Pro + pen costs $ 250. This is significantly more expensive than previous 3Doodler pens, but journalists point out that the company is clearly betting that this is the standard price for professionals who could recoup the investment through their projects. Engineers are confident that devices can speed up the creative process.

Scientists from the Netherlands have printed the smallest boat in the world, only 30 microns long. They made it for fun and to measure how bacteria move through various fluids. The boat is only 30 microns long, about a third less than the width of a human hair. Despite the size, the researchers were able to create and its details – an open cockpit and body elements.

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