New Optical Communication Technology Doubles 5G Data Rate

Korean scientists have introduced a new optical communication technology, will double the data transfer speed of 5G protocol. For example, in 4K video weighing about 100 GB, the system will transmit in four seconds. It is planned that it will solve the problem of data traffic congestion in 5G networks, according to research by scientists from the Research Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications (ETRI), published in the journal OSA.

The new system is a compact optical device with a data transfer rate of about 200 Gb/s and the QSFP-DD form factor. The device sends two bits of data per iteration and allows you to efficiently transfer data between communication nodes in other local networks at a distance of up to 80 km.

The device, according to the developers, provides a cost-effective alternative to coherent modulation for communication networks. The new technology has insignificant sensitivity to the wavelength – this property increases its density by four times, while reducing energy consumption by 1.5 times.

The developers believe that this will significantly reduce investment in equipment, and, as a result, accelerate the implementation of the 5G communication standard.

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