New material allows you to print large objects in 3D

New material allows you to print large objects in 3D. Previously, scientists had to print small designs, and then fasten them together.

Scientists explained that the size of 3D objects was limited by the size of printers. In most cases, for the production of large products, manufacturers had to fasten together smaller structures. A team from the University of California has developed an expandable resin that expands up to 40 times after printing.

The resin allows you to print small objects, which then grow to the desired size. Researchers believe this can be especially useful in areas such as architecture, space, energy, and biomedicine. Lightweight foam can also be used in floating devices.

In an article published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, the team describes how they developed the resin, print options, and some mechanical properties of three-dimensional printing. “This is not the first time we have seen 3D printers produce foam objects that change shape. But so far no one has been able to achieve such a strong resizing, ”the researchers note.

Formlabs, an American 3D technology developer, previously received permission from the FDA to urgently use printers to convert existing sleep apnea devices to mechanical ventilation devices.

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