New gloves translate sign language into audio

A researcher from Kenya introduced new gloves that translate sign language into audio. He is confident that the device can break down communication barriers for the hearing impaired.

The researcher focused on sign language, because several problems are associated with its interpretation. There are about 138-300 different types of sign language in the world that are used in the world, but most people do not understand them. A new device can help remove the communication barrier that people with hearing impairment find themselves in.

To do this, the 25-year-old independent scientist Roy Allela introduced Sign-IO gloves that can translate hand movements into speech so that hearing-impaired people can communicate even with those who do not understand sign language.

“People speak at different speeds, so we integrated the device into a mobile application. Inside, there are several settings that will be understandable to any person, ”said Allela. In the future, he will add several settings so that everyone can adapt the gloves for themselves. For example, users will be able to adjust the pitch and gender of the voice.

Sign-IO gloves are equipped with sensors mounted on each of the five fingers to detect movements, including the degree of finger flexion. According to Allela, gloves so far convert 93% of gestures into speech.