New feature on Android will tell the user when his dog is barking

Android phones can now notify the user when they detect certain sounds. The new system will help notify deaf or hard of hearing people about important sounds nearby, reports The Verge.

When the Sound Notifications feature is enabled, the Android phone can alert the user to certain sounds through push notifications, camera flashes or phone vibration. Other devices also support sound notifications, including Wear OS devices, which can send sound notifications using vibrated text notifications. They work completely offline, according to Google.

Google said the program can recognize ten different types of noise:

  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Siren howl
  • Human screams
  • Sounds from children
  • Doorbell
  • Knock
  • Dog barking
  • Device squeak
  • Water included
  • Landline phone call

Sound notifications are pre-installed on Pixel phones and can be turned on from the accessibility menu in Settings, according to Google. You can also get this feature by downloading the Google Live Transcrib app, which can transcribe the audio it hears in real-time.

In August, Google added an experimental feature similar to sound notifications to the Pixel Buds. Attention Alerts Pixel Buds can automatically lower the volume of the earbuds when they detect the sounds of a crying baby, a dog barking, or an emergency car siren.

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