New Facebook feature will allow you to write posts only for neighbors

A new feature on the social network Facebook will allow you to write posts only for neighbors. To do this, users will need to share their geolocation.

Facebook has confirmed that it is testing a new feature that will allow users to share news, they will only target their neighbors in a house or neighborhood. They will be able to create special profiles that target people who are nearby. Facebook will use detailed location data to display the “most relevant” posts.

The Neighborhoods feature is currently being tested in only one market – Calgary, Canada, but if the experiment is successful, these tests will expand. Journalists note that another local social network, Nextdoor, has already shown the viability of this model.

Screenshots of the feature appeared on Twitter. A Facebook spokesman confirmed that these screenshots are real. “Our social network is increasingly used for the life of local communities. To make it easier for our users, we will introduce the new Neighborhoods feature, a dedicated space inside Facebook for people to communicate with their neighbors. ”

The feature’s welcome screen asks users to be kind, write only local news, not spread false news, and share valuable information. Users can invite friends to join, and they will be prompted to answer questions about their area and share photos. Users can leave or change the area at any time.

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