New data transfer system 10 times faster than USB

The new development of American scientists will increase the energy efficiency of data centers. The device directly connects high-frequency silicon chips to a human hair-thin polymer cable.

Researchers have developed a system that can transfer information 10 times faster than USB. The new link connects high-frequency silicon chips to a very thin polymer cable. The system may one day improve the energy efficiency of data centers and ease the load on satellites.

The need for operational data exchange is obvious, especially in the era of remote work, the scientists noted. “We are seeing an explosion in the exchange of information between computer chips – because of cloud computing, the Internet, big data.” Most of us still use copper as a material found in USB or HDMI cables. This is not enough, especially when working with heavy loads.

“We need to find a compromise between the amount of energy burned and the speed of information exchange,” the researchers note.

The new type of connection takes advantage of the advantages of both copper and fiber optic cables, while eliminating their disadvantages. Their wire is made of polymer, so it is lighter and potentially cheaper to manufacture than traditional copper cables. The efficiency of the new connection rivals that of fiber optic cable, but has a key advantage: compatibility with silicon chips.

The team also designed low-cost chips to work with polymer cable. Newer devices generate these high frequency signals with enough power to transmit data. This silicon chip-to-cable connection means the overall system can be fabricated with standard, cost-effective methods.

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