New blood test determines human lifespan

Researchers from the United States, Russia and Singapore have presented a new test that allows you to study the individual trajectory of human aging. The most important factors in it are the presence of diseases, lifestyle and the speed of recovery from illness.

An international team of scientists, which consists of researchers from Russia, the United States and Singapore, presented a new blood test that can estimate the approximate life expectancy of an organism. To do this, they introduced a new index, which they called DOSI (dynamic organism state indicator).

The researchers explained that with this test they can determine its general condition (they also call it “dynamic state”), which shows the general level of physiological resistance – this will help predict the maximum possible life span of a person. The details of the development of this test, the researchers described in the journal Nature.

Scientists have found that over time, the state of the body decreases, it reaches the worst state by the age of 120-150. They determine this using special biomarkers – predictors of aging. In the future, they can also be used for the selection of anti-aging products.

The researchers emphasized that most of the factors that are associated with aging can be altered pharmacologically. In addition, by analogy with the stability of ecological systems, such dynamic properties as physiological stability (the rate of recovery after disturbed states of the body) are also associated with mortality and can serve as an early warning sign of impending health consequences. Therefore, for the rational design, development and clinical validation of effective anti-aging measures, a better quantitative understanding of the complex relationship between slow physiological dynamics, persistence and exponential acceleration of morbidity and mortality is required.

Scientists have used this knowledge to systematically study aging, fluctuations in body condition and gradual loss of stability in a dataset that includes several blood tests. They can give a complete picture of the state of the human body along the individual trajectory of aging.

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