New batteries made of aluminum and graphene charge 60 times faster

Australia’s Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has created aluminum and graphene batteries that charge 60 times faster than lithium-ion batteries.

The main advantage of the new batteries is that they are cheaper to manufacture and do not use rare earth metals, do not burn, withstand colossal currents, and a wide range of operating temperatures.

The new development consists of several layers of perforated graphene with pores of about 2.3 nm, where aluminum atoms are stacked: this makes the material quite dense in terms of the ability to store energy and capable of passing much higher currents than lithium-ion.

In addition, each aluminum ion in the process of charging is exchanged at the cathode for three electrons, while the lithium-ion is exchanged for only one electron.

As noted in the company, production is planned to begin in 2024, and from next year production for other needs will be launched.

The company says that in order to produce aluminum-ion graphene batteries for electric vehicles, it is necessary to create cells in standard form factors and with standard electrical characteristics, in particular – with the same voltage as lithium-ion batteries.

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