New AI teaches users to play the piano

The new Skoove Premium software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly teach users how to play the piano. She can replace a music teacher.

The researchers explained that learning to play the piano correctly is key to how well a student will handle musical instruments in the future. Scientists believe that this can be done not only independently or with the help of a teacher, but also with the help of a special program. To do this, they developed Skoove Premium Piano Lessons, an AI-based system that can help over 1 million students.

Skoove starts with learning from the very beginning – with putting your fingers on the keys and playing with one hand (scientists note that many self-study guides do not teach this). However, these simple skills become the backbone of piano success as the app continues to learn through notes, chords, and techniques through over 400 lessons and thousands of instructional videos.

The researchers noted that the program allows them to play the music they want: hits from artists such as John Legend, The Beatles, Coldplay, Adele and others; classical works by Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, and Mozart; or even improvised pieces if students want to compose their own songs.

Another advantage of Skoove is the built-in artificial intelligence that constantly listens to what the student is playing and then adapts its instructions to their strengths and weaknesses for personalized feedback that helps students play better and faster. The scientists note that his reaction is similar to the comments of a real music teacher, who in real time notices the places that need to be worked on.

Skoove works with any keyboard instrument and is available on all devices – computers, tablets, and laptops.

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