New AI glasses wean off procrastination

Smart glasses have appeared that help users to control their working hours and not be distracted. They collect activity data in a special application.

The startup Auctify has introduced smart glasses based on AI, they control how the user spends his work time. The Specs device uses a camera, as well as a model that recognizes whatever it is aimed at – a laptop, a book, or another person. Computer vision automatically determines what type of activity it can be attributed to. The data can be seen in a special application.

There, the user can see extended data on their performance – the glasses automatically determine how much time the user wasted per day. The glasses also have another mode – “focusing sessions”, if the user wants to concentrate on a specific task. In the third mode, Specs warns the user when he is distracted and tries to get his attention with sound and light prompts.

In addition to tracking activities, Specs has several additional features. These include a built-in blood oximeter, accelerometer, and gyroscope. They allow the glasses to be used as a fitness tracking device. The user can even integrate their lenses into glasses and use them as a replacement for regular glasses.

Auctify founder and CTO Hisham El-Halabi noted that the company’s algorithms can define 20 activities: reading, writing, watching the phone, laptop, TV, gym workout, yoga, cooking, playing a musical instrument, eating, and communication with other people. They will add more activities in the future, and users will be able to change how each of these activities is classified.