New AI-based system tracks animal movements

Scientists from the UK have presented a model that can track the natural behavior of loads over several weeks. This will help fight the diseases they spread.

Researchers from Harvard University unveiled the new CAPTURE behavioral monitoring system. It combines monitoring and deep learning to track 3D animal movements.

In a study by lead author Jesse Marshall, PhD student in the Department of Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and Senior Author Bens Olvecca, Professor in the Department of Evolutionary Biology, they attached special markers to the head, torso, and limbs of rats and used CAPTURE to record their natural behavior over several weeks.

In other models, high-resolution kinematic tracking is limited to short sessions in cramped conditions, limiting researchers’ ability to study animals. To address this problem, the researchers developed a model that combines motion capture and deep learning to continuously track 3D kinematics of the head, trunk, and limbs.

Tracking the natural behavior of rodents will help understand their lifestyle. Scientists will also be able to understand how to avoid contracting the diseases they carry.

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