Netflix started using AI to select movies

Netflix unveiled its artificial intelligence model, which matches similar movies to users and predicts its potential audience. This is how they want to promote the content of their production.

Netflix revealed that they are using an AI model to promote their shows. The algorithm recommends movies and TV shows for those users who should like them. The company’s researchers note that it boils down to finding connections and determining the likely audience size.

The method is based on transfer learning, where the parameters obtained from the “original task” improve the performance of the “target task” of the model. In doing so, researchers ask for movie titles that are comparable to other films and the size of their potential audience.

For recommendations, Netflix creates an “affinity map” where AI uses show metadata, tags, and annotations to help create connections between pictures. This will help marketers know which TV shows and movies will help sell, such as comedy or thrillers.

The model also analyzes audience sizes for similar films and TV series in specific countries. According to preliminary estimates of AI, dramas are more popular in Spain, so Netflix’s marketing team will focus on this region and prepare dubs and subtitles for this country earlier.

Humans do not control these systems so that the model can access a much wider range of movie titles than just Netflix production.

The researchers note that this approach could limit the audience for indie films. But at the same time, AI makes it easier to promote the original series, which are gaining large numbers of viewers.

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