NBC: the US has introduced agents in the “caravan of migrants” and monitor their correspondence on messengers

NEW YORK, November 20. The U.S. Department of homeland security (DHS) has deployed its agents to the migrant caravan to quickly learn about their plans and methods for crossing Mexico’s border with the United States. This was reported on Tuesday by NBC, citing two sources in the interior of DSH.

According to these sources, the US authorities last Sunday received from their agents information about the intention of migrants to break into the United States through the designated car lanes and barriers on the border near the city of San Diego (California). American border guards from 03: 00 to 06:00 local time these lanes in the Northern direction (from Mexico to the United States). Attempts to break the migrants, however, have not followed, says the TV company.

According to its sources, the employees of the DHS in cooperation with Mexican colleagues also intercept the correspondence of the leaders of migrants by means of messengers on cell phones. This operation makes it possible to monitor the number and direction of the caravan, as well as to learn about changes in the plans of migrants in time. The Ministry of internal Affairs is convinced that, from a legal point of view, the use of informants is completely legal, according to NBC sources.

According to the Agency EFE Governor of the administrative district of Mexico Francisco VEGA, about 6 thousand immigrants from Central America are in the state of Baja California near the border with the United States. In recent days, 34 illegal migrants have been detained in the territory of this Mexican state for various offenses. The mass arrival of foreigners caused discontent among residents of Tijuana, who held a protest on Sunday.
On November 9 the Us President Donald Trump signed a decree ordering to deny asylum to foreign citizens illegally crossing the border with Mexico. The reason for the decree is the need to stop all “caravans of migrants” moving towards the United States.

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