NBA legend thanks Mike Tyson for protecting his transgender child

NBA and Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade expressed his gratitude to the famed boxer, Mike Tyson, for standing up for his transgender child.

“We spoke to Mike personally a few months ago. I like his position: he is not trying to be perfect. He is studying. He’s brilliant. He is well educated and has learned a lot from life experience. I was very pleased that he spoke about my family, “– Daily Mail quotes Wade.

Wade’s 13-year-old son Zion said he was a girl and asked to be named Zaya. After that, the Wade family, especially the transgender child, received a flurry of criticism. Pepper Boozy Badazz was rude about Wade’s baby. This caught Tyson’s attention. The boxer stood up for Wade and his family. “I spoke about his family because the criticism of his child hurt me. It’s a child. It hurt me, ” said Mike.

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