NBA launches an investigation into the situation with Bogdan Bogdanovic

NBA is verifying the accuracy of the information that the Milwaukee Bucks and the Sacramento Kings have agreed on a sign-and-trade deal with Bogdan Bogdanovich, according to The New York Times insider Mark Stein.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Bucks had agreed on a new contract for Bogdanovic, which should receive restricted free agent status at the start of the offseason. NBA rules prohibit any contact with a player of the other team prior to the opening of the transfer window, as this is interpreted as a gross tampering violation.

Later it was reported that Bogdanovic did not agree to the transition and did not agree on the terms of the contract with Milwaukee. “Bucks” expelled Ersan Ilyasov, who was supposed to become a participant in the alleged deal according to Bogdanovich.

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