NBA creates a special committee on racial injustice over the murder of Floyd

The National Basketball Association’s trainers association has created a committee on racial injustice over the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“What happened in recent weeks – police brutality and racial profiling – is shameful, inhuman, and unacceptable. We, as a group of leaders, are obliged to speak out for those who cannot speak out, and those who believe that doing such things would be unsafe for them, ”the ESPN committee said.
Recall that an African American George Floyd was detained by police on suspicion of using a fake check for $ 20. After the arrest, one of the officers pressed the man’s neck to the asphalt and held for about six minutes, despite the pleading of the detainee to let go, because he could not breathe. After some time, the man lost consciousness. An ambulance took him away, but they could not save his life in the hospital.

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